Reiki Master Teacher

I became a Reiki Master Teacher this past weekend. It was a life changing experience. I have been practicing for ten years and getting attuned to the Master Teacher Level is the culmination of all the practice and study that I’ve done. It has been quite the journey and it’s ongoing. My intention for being a Mater Teacher is to share the Light of Reiki with others who want it and to raise the vibration of the world. This is a gift and I certainly do not take it lightly. It is a responsibility to bring light to the world. Thanks for all your guidance over the years, Robin Shapiro!

Amma ❤️

I got to be with Amma for the first time this past weekend at her ashram in Elburn, Illinois. They call her “the Hugging Saint” because when you are in her presence and she has you in her embrace, it’s like being enveloped in pure love. I was really moved by the her life’s work. Her organization, Embrace the World has donated millions to help disaster victims around the world and to provide housing and food for the poor. So many world leaders have been around Amma and her embrace. I was amazed by how organized her event was and the duration of her hugging sessions. She would sit all day and just hug people. I really felt my heart open when I got to embrace her and I feel like she will always be with my after that. This is how impactful it can be to be around her space. I highly recommend it. I really felt like I was home in her environment. I will never forget the experience.

11/11 Reiki Master

ReikiMasterThis weekend I was atuned and initiated into the Reiki Master Level, which was really a great honor for me.  It took a few years to get to this level, and some challenges, and some amazing waves of transformation, and I got to work with some amazing souls in facilitating their healing process – and it is only the beginning.  I want to thank my Teacher and Reiki Master, Robin Shapiro, for believing in me and my power, and for uncovering the Healer in me on this journey.  And I want to thank all of the people who have given me the honor of allowing me to work with them in their Reiki treatments in their healing journey. You know who you are.  I would not have gotten to this level if it weren’t for you.  I love you and I thank you and I love you and I thank you. Let’s heal the world!

Tantra Nova

220px-SriYantra_construct.svgI went to a really awesome show last night at a place called Tantra Nova.  The show was titled “Sexual Enlightenment, A One Man Show” featuring Freddy Zental, the co-founder and director of Tantra Nova Institute. I thought it was a really great show.  He portrayed stories of his journey of studying Tantra throughout his life and how he ended up in Chicago with his partner, Elsbeth (who was truly amazing and such a pleasure to be with last night at the event).

Truthfully, I was a little nervous coming to the event because I had always heard of Tantra and it intimidated me because I had always associated it with sex and intimacy.  We all talk about wanting this but I think most of us would run away from real true intimacy if it hit us in the face because of how vulnerable we’d have to be to experience it.

We did a meditation during the show last night (it was an interactive show) focusing on our root chakra and breathing into our belly.  This is definitely something I am at work at because I have a tendency to focus on my crown and heart chakras only during my meditations with Reiki.  It’s also very important to focus on your root, the area of manifestation and grounding.

What I discovered for myself last night was that Tantra is not this exotic, taboo subject that people talk and giggle about.  It’s actually a practical spiritual lifestyle – a platform where you can channel, like sexual energy, that force of creativity and passion into all areas of your life.

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