Paris is OUR City

ParisMy heart goes out to those families who have lost their loved ones in the Paris attacks. I have seen the French flag color profiles and solidarity on the news and on Facebook. I have also seen the backlash of people speaking out against other unspeakable acts of terror in other parts of the world and why such a sudden focus on France when this happens regularly in the Middle East and Africa? Well I’d have to say that in this case I truly believe we are a global community and we either think of ourselves as one unified human race or separated by our beliefs, religion, etc. There is no middle ground and it is too crucial a time to be wishy washy. You cannot fight darkness with darkness.  If we continue to be a beacon of Light for the world and stand up for the injustice I truly believe (I have to believe) that is worth fighting for and we can turn this world around. You can only eliminate darkness by turning on the Light.


Fourth World Music

A very special person in my life got me into great world music, particularly Central Asian, Greek and Israeli, just to name a few.  So we started a website blog showcasing many different artists from different parts of the world.  Most of these artist are only well known in their own country and we wanted to share them with the rest of the world, particularly the American market, since they are such great talent and music.  So we are launching Fourth World Music, a world of undiscovered music.  Most of the translations in English need work grammatically so we have worked on writing our own reviews for the English speaking audience.

Fourth World Music
Fourth World Music

Here are some of my favorites so far:

Chicago Neighborhoods

Went to the Greek Town Festival with my friend Akis. What I love about Chicago is its multiculturalism. You can see it it the many neighborhoods. Immigrants have claimed areas of the city and made it their own. For a instance. The northwest side of Chicago has the biggest population of Polish people outside of Warsaw. Last night a got a little taste of Greece and it was awesome.



Russian Modernism

I saw this really cool book today at Unabridged Bookstore by Taschen about Russian Mondernism.  I thought these structures looked so futuristic, given the time they were built.  Here are some of the images of the structures, most of which are spread throughout Russia and former USSR territories such as the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia, among others.

cc1 fo_chaubin_CCCP_04_back teaser_fo_chaubin_communist_constructions_top_1204121601_id_537910