You are Beautiful

I’ve notice these for quite some time in the city and I wanted to acknowledge it on my blog. Every time I see this while I’m in transit or walking somewhere it always makes me smile. Everyday we are bombarded with advertising and marketing regarding stuff we don’t even need. This is a simple yet effective message, and you never know what difference it can make to someone. The person who started this campaign was some one who moved to Chicago back in 2002 and since then it has become a world wide message. I really acknowledge this guy for putting the message out. It’s all about spreading the Light. 

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I went to a meditation retreat this weekend at the Meditation Center of Chicago. The retreat was led my a monk of U.K. decent who has been teaching meditation for 20 years. The Buddhist practice of this meditation was from Thai origin. We were instructed to practice mindfulness in everything we did, even down to each bite of food for lunch. I was really amazed at how present I was while I was eating my lunch. I paid attention to each bite, looking at my fork full of food and appreciating how pretty and colorful it was, and then chewing it slowly and savoring it. I wish I could eat like this for every meal, I thought to myself. I believe that’s why most Americans are over weight and not healthy, it’s because they do t practice mindfulness when they eat. We are mostly asleep and robotic when we eat and do other daily routines. Mindfulness is huge, it’s everything; and mixed with the right intention, it can move mountains.

Poor is a Mindset

mindsetHere’s a really interesting article regarding the mindset of being poor. It covers how traditionally, we are expected to live up to the status quo of going to school, getting a degree and then finding a career where you can work until you retire. This article that cites a book entitled “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker where it refers to people who follow the traditional paths of society and live a mediocre life and that poor, aren’t necessarily people with no money living on the streets, but people who possess the poor mindset. ┬áRead the article here.


What Are You Thankful For?

This holiday has been really great, spending time with family and friends. Last night at Thanksgiving dinner we all went around the table and shared what we were thankful for. It was really moving and some people got emotional. One of the things I said I was thankful for was the privilege of being able to sit and have a nice dinner with friends and family. Most people don’t really get to do that. If you have your health, a warm home, food to eat and clothes on your back consider yourself lucky. You are in the top percentage of people who gets to live a blessed live. There are millions of people who would trade us for our first world problems.