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Wouldn’t you love to walk down the aisle like this?

Avatar is GREAT

If you haven’t seen it yet, go see Avatar, it’s really GREAT!

Happy Holidays! Listen to my new holiday mix!

Fete  by  ronsager

Cool Photographers

I was at Unabridged Bookstore by my house and I always love looking through their photography books. I was looking through Brassai’s collection of photography. I always loved Brassai’s work. It’s very haunting to me. Makes me feel nostalgic. I am pretty sure I was French in a past life. I also looked through Helmut Newton‘s collection of photography and thought it was pretty disturbing, but I get it. It’s very glamorous and raw and disturbing and dark. I was reading my friend, Etienne’s blog today and he said he wanted to put together a coffee table book of his photography. I have that dream and goal too. Ah, but what should I title it?

Eh Eh

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