Back to Chicago

I’m on a plane back to Chicago. I am ready to rock n’ roll once I get back home. I woke up early today to go for a walk in Central Park with Kim Nish and Cosette. We saw the triatholoners finishing up. It was a humid, cloudy morning. We went to the fountain that I’ve seen in several movies and television, “The Producers” and “Angels in America” to be precise, and it was perfect.

Steven and I walked along The High Line again to meet my friends David and Laura for brunch at The Park. It was great seeing them again. They both gave me shit for not having moved to New York City yet. I love it when my friends hold me accountable for my word like that. A year ago I declared that I was moving to New York, and I have been slow about manifesting that and making it into a reality. So I will be emailing Laura a full action plan as soon as i get home. I can’t wait to get back in September to spend time with them again.

They both walked with us on our way back to our hotel. The sun came out and it was once again a gorgeous hot summer day in New York City. I will post photos and video soon.

I’m pooped!

Wow! Steven and I walked around all day today in Manhattan. First we walked around the Village to 8 Street. 8 Street isn’t what it used to be. They used to have fantastic shoe strores with some really great deals and now it seems like slim pickins’. Then we walked towards Chinatown, and then Soho (where we went to this great clothing store called Top Man – sort of like a cross between H&M and American Apparel). The store really wore me out. There was so much to take it and the prices were so affordable. There were lots of great deals.

Then we met Steven’s friend, Adam for dinner in Chelsea. We went to a really great Thai restaurant, where I had eaten at the last time I was in New York. I forget what it’s called, but it was very trendy and graphically saturated with blown up larger than life photos and fun design graphics. Even the bathroom was a design statement with orange glowing plexiglass walls and a ticker tape message running through one of the walls.

I ran into David (of in Chelsea. He wasn’t feeling so well, and I hope he feels better for Sunday brunch.

Steven and I walked from Chelsea to the St. Regis Hotel in Midtown, where we are staying. It was a very loooong walk on a humid and windy night in New York City. I am worn out and ready for another great day in NYC tomorrow. Yay!

Can you here them…the helicopters…I’m in New York…no need for words now…

I’m on a flight to NYC and we are about to land in Laguardia. I haven’t been to NYC in almost three years, so I am very excited to tap into the energy of the city again. I am committed to being in New York more often.

I’m with my friend, Steven. We have almostthe entire weekend planned, seeing friends and going to specific neighborhoods and watching a play. It looks like a gorgeous dy out from 30,000 feet above the ground.

Tolerating Bullshit

Here’s a great story that my friend and coach, John Patterson shared with me on Facebook –

There is the story of a guru who walks into the offices of a well-established consulting firm and sees a cracked window. “How long has that window been cracked?”, he asks one of the office managers.

“At least two years, I think it was like that when I got here”, the office manager replies.

The guru heaves a chair through the window out onto the street. “Maybe now you’ll fix it”, he lessons.

Throw a chair today. There are things not working and the one tolerating them is you.