Thursday night at JET was such a blast. I had so much fun with everyone. It was definetaly one of those good energy nights where you can feel the positivity in the air. Even though it rained all night, we still had a very decent and generous crowd who came out to show their support. We raised $1400 for the hurricane victims and a ton of donated canned goods!

Thanks to the JET crew and all the talent who donated their time and energy. I couldn’t believe I was standing amidst so many incredibly talented people, most of whom I have looked up to for several years as an aspiring DJ. And thanks for everyone who came out! You guys inspire me :). Love ya! Ron.

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My company, Insite Worldwide is coordinating a Fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We need your support. We have an amazing line-up of talent who are volunteering their time to help out, some who are even flying in from out of the country to be a part of this fundraiser! Please forward this all your contacts. Hope to see you out Thursday. Thanks! Ron.

Thursday, 9.15.05
8:00PM-9:30PM Vodka Reception hosted by Svedka
1551 N. Sheffield

Katrina Hurricane Relief Fundraiser – Wed., 9/7/05

Allay Soul and Room 22 Bring To you:
@22 E. Hubbard

Katrina Hurricane Relief Fundraiser:

DJs and Promoters from Within the House community in Chicago come together…

100% of Door goes to the relief fund.

The club room 22 will donate 50% of all bar profits to relief fund. The more you drink the more you contribute!!

All Profits will be given to, they give 98 % of all donations directly to those affected by the disaster.

Legends are in the house lending there DJ talent for a great cause!

DJ performances by:

Jamie 3:26
Leonard Part Six
Julius the Madthinker
Mike Dearborn
David Chavez
Sean Smith
Cordell Johnson
Marco Morales
DJ Ren
Paul Harris
DJ Quad
DJ Osiris

With Support by:
True Family Unit
Chicago Houz Projekt
Smooth Agent Records
Majestic Nightlife
Brilliantly Mad
The Apolloproject
The Loop
Simian Robot
Soul Phonetics

$10 Sliding Donation

I can’t believe what’s happening down in New Orleans, one of my homes away from home. I had been planning to go down over the last year, but I never got around to it. I am sad to think that it will never be the same. We can’t get a hold of any of our friends who live in New Orleans. All the phone lines are busy. It’s really frustrating and scary. I hope to G-d that everyone perserveres through this catastrophe.

I want to shoot these looters who are making the situation worse in New Orleans. How can you possibly make use of the merchandise you are stealing? Instead of making your city look bad, why don’t you volunteer to help the ones in need at this time of urgency? It does not make any sense to me. In makes me lose faith in humanity.

My friend Thomas forwarded me this info, please do all that you can to help:

If you’re looking to support the victims of Hurricane Katrina and are unsure of what organization to support, please consider the McCormick Tribune Foundation. The McCormick Tribune Foundation launched the Hurricane Katrina Relief Campaign on 8/30/05 to raise money to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Foundation will match the first $1,000,000 contributed to the campaign at 50 cents on the dollar. All administrative costs will be paid by the Foundation so that all funds can be distributed directly to disaster relief organizations that provide short and long-term aid to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

This campaign will be promoted nationally with the help of many of our Communities Program partners, including The Chicago Tribune and WGN Radio.

People can donate online at , by phone at 1-800-508-2848 and by check by sending donations to our offices at the following address:

Hurricane Disaster Relief Campagin
McCormick Tribune Foundation
435 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 790
Chicago, IL 60611