Here are some snapshots of the photo shoot we did for the upcoming Fluxcore Eskimo Show. Likalee was in her element that day. We were all pumped helping out with the shoot. The concept was to have Dave’s robot strucure pause behind Likalee’s 4 year old sister dressed like an Eskimo. It was a great day. I live for days like these.

Hey. What a short weekend this was. I felt like I never left the office! That’s the worst feeling. On Friday, I went to see Antonia Contra’s opening at the Carrie Secrist Gallery in the gallery district of Chicago. Antonia is the chief director of Marwen, the institution I assistant teach at. It was a great show. She photographed little snippets of her trip to Italy this past summer. She took little Izones of the scenery. She inspired me to take little Izone photos too. I think I will do that for my next project. I guess it really does help to go to some art shows. They really do spark up the ideas. My favorite piece of hers was the light box installation with sound. I told her that the installation was my favorite piece. I was flattered when she told me she thought I would like that piece. I was thinking, gosh, she thought about me liking that piece – I guess it’s pretty flattering. She said this explains the reason why she had such an interest in my work.

On Saturday, I saw the great Renee Fleming perform in ‘Thais’ at the Lyric Opera. She was incredible. Her voice gave me goosebumps. And she was so beautiful on stage. “Thais’ was about a pagan courtesan who enchants a Cenobite monk. The sets were unbelievable. It was in French, which was a plus for me since I understood it for the most part. Most of the setting takes place in Ancient Alexandria. It wa a phenomenal opera. I liked it better thatn last year’s ‘La Boeme’.

On Sunday, I was ‘Nanook of the North’. It was serene and a bit depressing. I actually almost couldn’t stomach some of the hunting scenes. Anyway, it inspired me to work on my project for the Eskimo Show next month.

Here’s a cute little picture of Likalee, yours truly, and Elisa – the original members of Fluxcore before it was even Fluxcore. We were having a very red day and decided to advertise some multiculturalism for Walgreens.