It’s been a week since the presentation at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Version>02 was a great experience. I never really had to prepare a formal introduction for a cause that I cared about so much until this event last week. It was nerve wrecking. Some people in Fluxcore had mixed emotions about how important our spot in this event was, but I saw it as a very important opportunity. Having the opportunity to present my work at the MCA was really a big deal for me. It was one of my goals I had set out to do a couple of years ago when I realized that I wanted to really get serious with this design and media thing. It felt really great to present up there with the rest of my group. We really put out some great positive energy for the event. I had heard from Hero that someone had said our presentation was so emotional. At first I wondered if that was a good or bad thing. But after I thought about it, I realized it was a good thing because that is what our collective is all about – the humanization and spirituality of technology. I am very happy to say that I accomplished one of my goals — to present my work at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Now I have to work on my second goal — to have my piece in its permanent collection! Dream on?

I really despise public speaking – ugh! It gives me the creeps. I get all sweaty and short of breath. And I seem to always freak out toward the middle of my speech. Anyway – I am a little nervous about presenting tomorrow at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s a small panel, but it really means something to me, and I know it really means something to the whole of Fluxcore – for the most part. I could go with the Gen X attitude and not give a damn about presentation and just do my thing, but I don’t think that would work.

OK. It’s getting to be crunch time again. This semester seems to be the most intense type of crunch time. I’ve got people calling me out of my name in team class while I’m trying to get the job done – it’s not an uplifting experience. Meanwhile, I have to prepare my presentation for the Museum of Contemporary Art which is in three weeks! And I haven’t even finished my project for this! To top it off, I have to refine and submit my interactive pieces for ::Reaction, which is an end-of-year interactive showcase at Columbia College. I need some good inspiration, motivation, and strong coffee!