The clan of Chicago artists that I belong to finally decided on a name this evening that everyone agreed on. It was a monumental moment. I have learned not to ask too many people for their opinions on pending names for organizations – it drives me up the wall! I am not going to ask for anyone’s opinion about the current and OFFICIAL name that we came up with today. We were trying to combine a prefix and suffix together and we came up with FLUXCORE.

FLUX: Constant or frequent change; fluctuation: “The newness and flux of the computer industry has meant many opportunities for women and minorities” (Connie Winkler).

CORE: The basic or most important part; the essence: a small core of dedicated supporters; the core of the problem.

It was unanimous. So, look for FluXcore in the near future! It’s going to rock your world.

Ever feel like being a hermit? I am feeling that right about now. It’s hard to get along with a group of people – sometimes I get the urge of just fleeing into the forest and enjoying some solitude.

Okay, I’ve had about six hours of sleep within the last couple of days. Finals really suck. Why do they have to exist? To top it off, I did not even finish my video project for tonight’s showing in class. For some odd reason I did not really freak out so much about it like I nornally do in situations like these in the past. I tried my best and I just couldn’t finish it on time. There’s no use in killing yourself over silly deadlines.