Long time no blog. Last week I met my friend Harrison for dinner to reconnect. He worked with me on the tail end of a web mag and attempted social media site for an artist collective I started and managed called Fluxcore in 2001. We were reminiscing about how fun those times were. We worked for nothing and put our blood sweat and tears into the creative projects we were so passionate about for Fluxcore. I was looking through some of the old photos I salvaged throughout the years and I got really teary eyed as I viewed them. The reason being is because I looked so happy in those photos, and it looked like I was having heaps of fun. Funny thing is back in those days I thought it was such a struggle to put together these events and it seemed like there was always so much drama. So in hindsight, I wouldn’t trade the experiences I had with the people and events involving Fluxcore. It was an amazing time in my life and it helped launched and shape a lot of people involved in who they are today. I believe we had a huge impact in the Chicago art scene in the early to mid 2000s.

Glitz and Glam

On Sunday night I watched the Grammys with my friend Manakin. It seemed like it was nothing special at all. In fact, A friend of mine post d on Facebook that he felt the Grammys where missing their glam. My response to that was that glam was for the Oscars.

But truth be told, aren’t the Grammys supposed to be about the music? When did it become about the bells and whistles? I understand great showmanship, like for instance, Madonna’s “Living For Love” performance. She is a master at great showmanship. But what about the substance of it all? What are we giving our sacred attention to? The fluff? Or the magic that touches our soul? The certain he be sais quio that moves us to tears when we see a performance or hear a song, like Annie Lennox’s performance.

Check it out:

So the inquiry here is – have we sold out to the hype and forgotten what is really good?


Happy 2015! I can’t believe it! This is going to be a great year. I don’t believe in resolutions. I do believe in promises to myself and others and for this year I’ve made some pretty big ones. Here’s to a great year guys! You will see some of my promises revealed here as they manifest. I will use this blog as a log to keep them on track and to share with my readers. Stay tuned!

Phoenix Rising

I went to my friend, J Beck’s Phoenix Rising Concert last week and thought it was really great.  J Beck is a rapper and Chicago school teacher.  He raps about education and youth. I think his music is awesome.  He does have a Jay-Z influence that I can hear in his song and his style of rapping.  His beats are catchy and his lyrics are inspiring.  They make you think and want to take action.  Here’s a video of his performance from the show. The concert was  a fundraiser to help the high school he teaches for in the North Lawndale area of Chicago, near the west side of Chicago.  I have in that same high school for an after school program, and some of the kids there struggle with their day to day lives.  Check out more of his music on his BandCamp website