Phoenix Rising

I went to my friend, J Beck’s Phoenix Rising Concert last week and thought it was really great.  J Beck is a rapper and Chicago school teacher.  He raps about education and youth. I think his music is awesome.  He does have a Jay-Z influence that I can hear in his song and his style of rapping.  His beats are catchy and his lyrics are inspiring.  They make you think and want to take action.  Here’s a video of his performance from the show. The concert was  a fundraiser to help the high school he teaches for in the North Lawndale area of Chicago, near the west side of Chicago.  I have in that same high school for an after school program, and some of the kids there struggle with their day to day lives.  Check out more of his music on his BandCamp website

11/11 Reiki Master

ReikiMasterThis weekend I was atuned and initiated into the Reiki Master Level, which was really a great honor for me.  It took a few years to get to this level, and some challenges, and some amazing waves of transformation, and I got to work with some amazing souls in facilitating their healing process – and it is only the beginning.  I want to thank my Teacher and Reiki Master, Robin Shapiro, for believing in me and my power, and for uncovering the Healer in me on this journey.  And I want to thank all of the people who have given me the honor of allowing me to work with them in their Reiki treatments in their healing journey. You know who you are.  I would not have gotten to this level if it weren’t for you.  I love you and I thank you and I love you and I thank you. Let’s heal the world!

Tantra Nova

220px-SriYantra_construct.svgI went to a really awesome show last night at a place called Tantra Nova.  The show was titled “Sexual Enlightenment, A One Man Show” featuring Freddy Zental, the co-founder and director of Tantra Nova Institute. I thought it was a really great show.  He portrayed stories of his journey of studying Tantra throughout his life and how he ended up in Chicago with his partner, Elsbeth (who was truly amazing and such a pleasure to be with last night at the event).

Truthfully, I was a little nervous coming to the event because I had always heard of Tantra and it intimidated me because I had always associated it with sex and intimacy.  We all talk about wanting this but I think most of us would run away from real true intimacy if it hit us in the face because of how vulnerable we’d have to be to experience it.

We did a meditation during the show last night (it was an interactive show) focusing on our root chakra and breathing into our belly.  This is definitely something I am at work at because I have a tendency to focus on my crown and heart chakras only during my meditations with Reiki.  It’s also very important to focus on your root, the area of manifestation and grounding.

What I discovered for myself last night was that Tantra is not this exotic, taboo subject that people talk and giggle about.  It’s actually a practical spiritual lifestyle – a platform where you can channel, like sexual energy, that force of creativity and passion into all areas of your life.

Check out their website at


Alchemy Inc.

I stopped by the Alchemy Arts, Inc. store yesterday on Bryn Mark because I had a few minutes to spare before my Reiki session.  That store always intrigued me every time I passed it on my way to my client’s house.  When I think of alchemy I think of the occult.  And that opens up a whole other world of things that could make one feel uneasy, with topics such as the supernatural and magic.  So I walked through the store and looked through some of the books.  There were interesting books about angels and demons and ways to protect yourself and there was a book about the Kabbalah. So many different avenues to explore and so little time.  There was a group gathering on the other side of the store.  They were eating goodies and chatting, and they all sat in a semi circle.  I was beginning to think they were about to start a ritual.  Who knew?

copperbracelet I was drawn to some copper bracelets that were on top of a display next to the pendulums.  Of course I was hovering my hands over the to see which one I connected to the most energetically and there was the one that stood out.  It’s pull was strong.  I read the description of it and it said it was copper and magnet.  Copper supposedly has healing qualities and has been used by many people throughout the centuries as a healing tool.  Magnets are also a source of healing when close to the body.  Just think of NIkken and how they use magnets to heal people.  So I had to get the bracelet.  Thought it would be a nice addition to my dozens from bracelets I find here and there.  Check out copper and magnets and see what you come up with.  I’ve had in on for a day now and I feel great.  Of course I am a true believer that it is also the energy you project into the object to activate it’s healing capabilities.

Anyway, it was a good purchase and a great experience at the Alchemy Arts, Inc. store. How perfect for just a couple of days before Halloween!

Wedding Under the Oak Tree

Brad and Jess, I just want to say – thank you for asking me to be a part of your wedding party. It was truly an honor to be a part of such a magical event, under the oak tree and in the barn…what a fairy tale wedding! I love you and I thank you and I send you love and Light. That is really all I have to say about this whole experience. You are the best!

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