ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

With the viral slew on ALS Ice Bucket Challenges all over the internet, the BEST one EVER in my opinion is the “Carrie” imitation by Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters:

I want to honor my friend Anne Marie Schlekeway who left this world from ALS a couple of years ago. She was fabulous and contributed so much to me when in the course of her dealing with ALS.

Are You A Selfie Addict?

This is a really interesting article from LinkedIn. I have to admit that I have taken the occasional selfie myself. And I admit I have been self involved and narcissistic in the process of taking them. But isn’t that part of the fun? Goes to show the power of media. And now, social media had it out of control. Py iPhone feels like an extremity that my body can’t do without sometimes. It’s all over American culture these days. When do we start disconnecting with the people around us to connect with the people in our social media apps?


Market Days 2014

This weekend was Market Days, one of chicago’s biggest outdoor festivals. Beside the scantily clad chiseled bodies running around the festival all weekend, there were other very entertaining things to see and hear. Like for instance, Aryana and the Rose, a great new electro dance pop band from New York City I discovered with my friends on the 7-Eleven stage at Roscoe and Halsted.

I also got to hear (not so much see) Neon Trees, which was one of the main acts on Sunday of the festival. And Gia Gunn from RuPaul’s drag race was a nice treat to see on the Hydrate stage. It was an awesome time.





Girls Against Boys

On Friday, I want to my friend, Shala.’s opening exhibition called “Girls Against Boys”.  It was one of the most phenomenal shows I’ve seen in a while.  The vibe was great and the art was excellent. I haven’t been out in the art and gallery scene for quite some time and it was refreshing to see such innovation and edge to a show. My favorite was the white room designed to alter one’s perspective.

I give major props to Shala. for delivering an amazing show. You should definitely check it out!

Girls Against Boys

Girls Against Boys