Nirvana in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I was and still am a huge Nirvana fan.  Like most of us, the news of Kurt Cobain’s death was tragic.  I came across this image from Courtney Love’s twitter account, of all places.  It was a photograph of her hugging Dave Grohl from the original Nirvana group.  These two had been at war with each other regarding the legal rights etc. over the work of Nirvana.  I am a huge Courtney Love fan too, so it was nice that people can come to terms and give each other some human dignity even only if it was for that one moment in from of the cameras during Nirvana’s induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Courtney Love hugs Dave Grohl

Courtney Love hugs Dave Grohl

Mind Valley and Bob Proctor

I am a big fan of Vishen Lakhiami’s company Mind Valley and the work that Bob Proctor has done with him. I’ve used his abundance meditations and they are the real deal. This is an image that gives you a screen shot of what Bob Proctor provides with his Abundance work.  Click the “Read More” link below to view the image. Read more

R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles

This past week was the passing of legendary house music legend, Frankie Knuckles. He was known as the Godfather of House Music, brining it’s sound to Chicago night life, specifically at “the Warehouse”, where Chicago House Music was born. I wasn’t around to experience those days but have connected to Frankie’s legacy through all the DJs who have stood in his shoulders laying the groundwork of the Chicago House Music sound. These DJs have inspired me as an DJ and artist and for that I am eternally great full.


Chicago Urban Art

Here are some great murals I found in the neighborhood of West Lakeview in Chicago.  They are on the side of the Army and Navy Surplus Store on the corner on Barry and Lincoln.  I love finding art like this in the city.  I think talent doesn’t necessarily have to be showcased in a gallery or a show.  Sometimes the gorilla art element makes it more fascinating.

Urban Art - Profile

Urban Art – Profile

Urban Art - Hands

Urban ArtUrban Art – Hands

Kabbalah Purim Code

Coincidence?  I think not.

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